Announcing my campaign for re-election

Thank you for the privilege of serving as your Mayor for the past three years. Time sure flies! I have thoroughly enjoyed serving the community and it has been a pleasure to work alongside enthusiastic citizens who want to see Norwalk succeed. We have a great team of energetic leaders and department heads who want nothing but the best for the city. Going into this, I knew success would come from listening to the ideas and desires of the citizens. With their direction, vision, and commitment, we have accomplished a great deal, even during a world-wide pandemic. Having said this, it would be an honor to serve another term as your Mayor. The best is yet to come!

What WE've Accomplished:

Improved City Finances

  • Improved city-wide financial responsibility during unpredictable times, including the pandemic, by eliminating excess spending and making policy changes.
  • Established a “Fire Truck Capital Project Fund” - capital improvements fund to accumulate funds for the purchase of a new fire truck. – to potentially avoid issuing debt: $750,000 to be accumulated over ten years for the purchase!
  • Established a Reserve Balance Account to protect the City against expenses from unforeseen events such as pandemics, emergency hazards or disasters. Can only be spent with Councilmanic action. Current Balance $1.2million!
  • Agressively applying for grants to save taxpayer money - We've brought in $10,308,003.00 in grant money since 2020!

Revitalized City Parks

McGuan All-Abilities Park
  • Won 2nd place in statewide competition - Ohio Parks and Recreation Association's annual awards of excellence program.
  • Contains the largest all-abilities pump track in the U.S.
  • Upgraded restrooms to be ADA compliant.
  • Total Project Cost: Approx. $450,000 - completely funded by grants and donations.
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McGuan Ribbon Cutting
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McGuan Pump Track
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McGuan Basketball Courts
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Restroom TP Cutting
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Splash Pad
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Suhr Family Park
  • Installed Restrooms (the first Uptown public restrooms in over 40 years!)
  • Installed 9 water/electric hookups for food trucks.
  • Free public splash pad – Thanks to a tremendous partnership with Restore Norwalk and the dozens of donors!
  • Repaved the parking lot.
  • Coming Fall 2023 – Paul Brown Memorial Statue!
Amphitheater – Coming October 2023 at the Norwalk Memorial Reservoir
  • $300k: Funded 100% by an ODNR State Grant!
  • Community members will be able to rent the facility for outdoor weddings, etc.
  • Grass seating will seat approx. 750 people.
  • Will be a great location for concerts, orchestras, etc.
Stokely Park Upgrades
  • Funded through a partnership with Huron County Public Health’s Creating Health Communities program.
  • Upgrades will include:
    • New fences
    • basketball court
    • soccer goal net
    • Gaga Ball Pit
    • repairs to the existing playground structure
Bicentennial Jaycee Park
  • Pickle Ball court improvements – Coming Fall 2023!

Beautifying Norwalk

  • Since 2020 at least four blighted properties were torn down, thanks to Zoning Officer Mitch Loughton and our close partnership with the Huron County Land Bank. Three more properties to be torn down by the end of this year!
  • Partnered with Private Investors to get old PIPO factory property cleaned up!
  • Improved Rt. 18 entrance into Norwalk – improved visibility to make it safer.
  • Improving appearance and safety of dilapidated trailer parks and apartment complexes.
    • We’ve been working closely with the owners of Key Estates, Newton Terrace, Grand Avenue, Midtown Manor, etc. This has led to 20 unlivable trailers being removed from Key Estates– 15-20 new trailers are planned to be built/placed later this year.
  • Partnering with the Master Gardeners to continue to beautify our Uptown District. In the Summer of 2023 four new concrete planters were set in the Main Street corner plots with the anticipation of purchasing more to boost the beautification of the “Living Room of our Community”.

Economic Development

Selling off sections of the railroad right-of-way
  • We’ve sold 5 pieces of the Wheeling & Lake Erie railroad right-of-way, allowing business with adjoining lots to expand by another 60 feet, assisting in economic development.
    • This has allowed Ken Ganley, Firelands Chevrolet, etc. to expand their businesses.
    • Allows 2 more businesses access to frontage on U.S. Route 250!
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Railroad Right of Way
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Ken Ganley Construciton
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Wheeler property
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Lt. Gov. John Husted
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Sherrod Brown
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Improved Infrastructure to attract businesses
  • Replaced 16” water line from Burger King to Lais Road.
  • Installing a 48” sanitary sewer from West Washington all the way to the Wastewater Treatment Plant to address our last two combined sewer overflows mandated by the OEPA.
  • Emerald Parkway Expansion
    • Thanks to the land donation from 2 private landowners, we were able to continue Emerald Parkway, east, to Theatre Drive allowing for more efficient ingress and egress to the Fisher-Titus Surgery Center and Convenient Care. Opens availability for future businesses on the north side of the street.
  • Installed new traffic light on Emerald Parkway – leading to safer travel on Rt. 250, and allowing easier exit from Bob Evans, Fisher Titus Urgent Care-care, Same Day Surgery and UEC Norwalk Theatre.
Working Closely/fostering relationships with private investors/business owners
  • Has led to:
    • The cleanup of the old PIPO factory and property has been secured.
    • Renovation of Berry’s restaurant
    • Continued restoration of old children’s home on Benedict
    • Restoration of various historic homes around the city
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PIPO Cleanup
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PIPO Cleanup 2
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Children's Home
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Berry's restaurant
Increased funding to Norwalk Economic Development Corp.
  • Working with NEDC to allow NEDC to apply for infrastructure/Economic development grants on behalf of Norwalk.
Business Visits
  • Listening to and networking with business owners to help them launch and/or thrive and expand.
    • Celebrating expansions and anniversaries, ribbon cuttings, honoring retirees
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Durable Corp 100 Years
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Norwalk Wellness Center Opening
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Fabriweld Visit
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Mike Conney Retirement

Community Improvements/Quality of Life Enhancements/Community Outreach

Continuous open door policy for citizens that has resulted in the following:
  • Electric golf cart for our Master Gardeners to help them keep our Uptown beautiful!
    • Funded 100% by NOPEC Grant
  • Light Up Norwalk – Norwalk’s Christmas Card to the Community; thousands now attend.
  • LED Sign – electronic sign provides information to the community (located in Norwalk Municipal Court Parking Lot).
    • Funded 100% by NOPEC Grant
  • Fireworks Display – no pressure fundraising resulting in largest displays ever.
  • Mentoring youths for public service careers
  • Electric car charging stations
    • Funded 100% by NOPEC Grant
  • DORA – designated outdoor refreshment area established.
  • Implemented Hometown Hero program to honor our veterans!
  • Paul Brown Statue – honoring the birthplace of football legend Paul Brown.
  • Santa House – new Santa house donated to the City by JDB Home Improvements.
  • Addressing Civic Organizations to keep them informed.
  • Family Fun Parades – Merged the Annual Pet-n-Pup Parade with the Halloween Parade resulting in many participants celebrating together.
  • Completed the 2.03 mile Multi-Use-Path funded by $1,262,000 grant funds provided through ODOT!
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Hometown Heroes
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Light Up Norwalk
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Paul Brown Memorial
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LED Sign

We have an amazing team of dedicated employees in place that has resulted in numerous, positive improvements to move Norwalk Forward!

A VOTE for Dave Light is a win for Norwalk!

About Me

I am proud to say I was born here in Norwalk and have spent my entire life here! My Dad, Ronnie Light, was raised in North Fairfield, Ohio where he met my Mom, Virginia. After serving in the United States Marine Corps, they were married. They were great providers for our family. Dad worked briefly for the railroad before starting his 36-year career with Norwalk Furniture. It seems like just about everyone in Norwalk had a family member who worked at Norwalk Furniture or knew someone who worked there. This was probably the reason why I started working there on the first day of school of my senior year at Norwalk High School and remained there for 10 years. It was a great working environment with generations of hard-working, wonderful people.

Dave and his family. I graduated from Norwalk High School in 1975 and met my future wife, Kim shortly afterwards. Kim’s parents were Chuck and Nancy Hakes. Chuck retired from Norwalk Furniture after 43 years. Nate's Graduation.Nancy was an accountant for the West Baking Company. Kim and I were married in 1982 and have now been married for 41 years! Kim retired in 2018 from the Norwalk Municipal Court after 33 years of service, and now works part-time for Judge Conway. We were blessed with two wonderful children. Nathan, now 29, graduated with his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Bowling Green State University in 2019, and now lives in Cincinnati where he works as a Software Developer. Michaela, now 25, graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Bowling Green State University in 2020, graduated from the Sandusky Police Academy in 2022, and is now a Sheriff's Deputy at Huron County Sheriff's Department. In 1978, a friend of mine, Mark Hehrer, and I saw the need for a free-weight gym in Norwalk. We opened the Norwalk Barbell Club in the basement of the old Norwalk Furniture building on Newton Street. The business grew much faster than we expected, and we relocated to 6 & 8 East Seminary Street where it remained until it was sold in 1984 when I began my police career.

Micki Qualifying During the Norwalk Barbell years, I was fortunate to meet many people to include local law enforcement officers who suggested that I consider applying at the Norwalk Police Department. I took their advice and was hired as an “Auxiliary” officer on February 14, 1983. Dave and Mike Conney at his retirement party. I began the Willard Basic Police Academy the same day. I soon realized my passion for law enforcement. Finishing “Top Student” in my class encouraged me to take the exam for a full-time position at Norwalk PD. I began my full-time career there in September of 1984 and remained there until I retired as your Chief of Police in February 2018. I worked for Judge Jim Conway, Huron County Common Pleas Court, as a part-time Pretrial Services Officer, where my job was to direct people charged with drug related offenses into treatment programs and provide weekly drug screens. In addition, I was a member of the Huron County Mental Health and Addiction Services for 19 years. While we’ve made progress over the past few years, we still have more work to do. It's a privilege to get to continue to partner with the MHAS board on initiatives in my current capacity as Mayor.


  • 2020 to Present: Mayor - City of Norwalk
  • 2018 to 2020: Pretrial Services Officer for Huron County Common Pleas Court (Part-time)
  • 1984 to 2018: Norwalk Police Department – Retired as Chief of Police
  • 1989 to present: Certified Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy Instructor. Currently teach at the Sandusky Police Academy, EHOVE Police Academy and Terra State Community College Police Academy. Areas of instruction to include Ohio Revised Code, Legal, Firearms Instructor, Civil Liability & Use of Force. Certified CCW instructor. Pro Second Amendment!
  • 1978 to 1984: Co-owner of the Norwalk Barbell Club
  • 1974 to 1984: Employed at Norwalk Furniture Corporation
Dave's retirement party.


Dave with Robert Mueller at his graduation from the FBI Academy.